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The MORPHOKIT software has been designed to process these three steps:
fingerprint image acquisition; image processing and coding; and matching, either for Verification or Identification.

The software package is modular and therefore can be easily adapted to your specific environment.

You will find in the MORPHOKIT:

dynamic libraries (DLLs) and interface files (.h) to be used with your application through the MorphoKit API;
an application enabling easy configuration of the required DLLs that correspond to your hardware, by copying them in the windows directory;
the MorphoKit and MorphoScan programmer's and user's guides;
several demo applications illustrating the paper and live acquisitions, verification and identification features;
a sample application enabling immediate run of the biometric features. This demo program comes with the relevant source files written with Microsoft Visual C++, making it easy to understand how it works;
the drivers provided by the manufacturers of the video boards supported by the MorphoKit;
the tools needed for installiong licences in your system.

To get your licences, first run echoid.exe, send the locking code to Sagem. After You reveive your licence file, install it with InstallLicence.exe


* 3.6.2 (february 2005)
file name conflict resolution in IQSPrint library
correction of erratic serial port communication with scanner Improvision 510-1K

* 3.6.1 (november 2004)
new scanner Epson Expression 10000XL
Epson Expression 1680 IQS certified at 1000 dpi.

* 3.5 (March 2004)
new MSO USB driver which fixes the freeze issue on Pentium P4 HyperThreading processors
new ActiveX component for fingerprint processing (check "ActiveMkit_Enrol Help" for more details)
new ActiveX component for fingerprint identification ("check ActiveMkit_Matcher Help" for more details)
new MLEcm_set_name() function which enables you to change the name of a record in the MorphoKit matching database

* 3.3.2 (July 2003)
Modification of IQS scan resolution for Epson Expression 1640XL
Scanners informations in html doc
Arabic version of ActiveMorphoKit
fixed problem 122 (decompressed minutiae)

* 3.3 (April 2003)
Integration of new Matrox Imaging Librairy v 7.1
MRT card unsupported
Flashpoint card unsupported
Matrox Meteor ond meteor PPB cards unsupported
Integration of the new acquisition COM component ActiveMorphoKit
Integration of batch scanners : Improvision and Epson Expression 1640XL with sheetfeeder

* 3.2.5 (January 2003)
fixed MLEcm_dump_base() function

* 3.2.4 (December 2002)
fixed fixed "msvcrtd.dll" problem (from version 3.2 to 3.2.3 ecm needed msvcrtd.dll to run properly)

* 3.2.3 (December 2002; internal release)
fixed "Sensor already open" bug (in some case the MSO had to be resetted if an application which was using it had crashed)

* 3.2.2 (November 2002; internal release)
new MSO100 USB driver and documentation fixed MLEcm_insert_person) bug (used to fail in some cases after calls to MLEcm_load_base())

* 3.2.1 (October 2002)
modify slides scan method for Windows 2000.

* 3.2 (September 2002)
support for the MSO100 USB fingerprint reader. Warning: it will work under Windows 2000 SP2 (or higher) only
improved light (very fast) coder
improved 1/1 and 1/N algorithms
new 1/1 function which allows users to match 2 minutiae buffers (the current functions only allows users to match a minutiae buffer against an image)
new consolidation function (which merges several minutiae buffers off the same finger into one)
new anti-latency function
IQS support has been integrated into this version

* 3.1.3 (Mars 2002)
Add IQS driver for scanner Epson Expression 1680.

* 3.1 (September 2001)
the mtpc library, which allows users to communicate with a MorphoTouch terminal,is now documented. You can use it to acquire images from a MorphoTouch terminal, even in live mode, to retrieve minutiae files from a MorphoTouch terminal, ...
As an example of what the terminal can do, some simple smart-cards functions are also included. These functions are limited, and their interface is very likely to change.
Smart Card functions will be part of a future release of the mtpc library.
The Installation of MorphoKit checks previous installed versions before proccessing.
An uninstal icon is added in startup menu.
The blue portrait bug is corrected.
Grey fingerprints images are improved.
WSQ is now independent from ECM.
IMPORTANT: For no-US versions of Windows 2000, if you use a MATROX METEOR II acquisition card, it is necessary to run the service pack of MIL library:
After the installation of MIL library, from the your CD MORPHOKIT, DO NOT REBOOT YOUR COMPUTER.
From the directory : \Matrox\patch_mil610_win2000 of your CD, launch the application mil61_sp1a.exe to extract service pack. Then, launch the setup.exe application from "C:\MIL 6.1 SP1a Build-41 Official" and follow instructions. After a successfull installation of Morphokit, you can remove the directory
"C:\MIL 6.1 SP1a Build-41 Official".

* 3.0.3 (Feb 2002)
adds IQS scan mode. Epson library is IQS certified.

* 3.0 (June 2001)
adds SAGEM WSQ library delivery.
Morphokit is available on Windows 2000
An activation key is necessary to install WSQ
by default, simulation dlls are installed for live acquisition and scanner support

* 2.5 (September 2000/February 2001)
improves finger detection
improves size of scanning area on flatbed scanner
merges MRT drivers for Windows 9x and Windows NT
adds old compression type used on Verify/Enroll softwares
adds Saturation and Hue control on video boards
adds support of Epson Expression 1600 flatbed scanner
adds support of HP 6300 flatbed scanner
adds (preliminary) support of Matrox Meteor 2 video board
adds images ameliorations (VIF api).

* 2.4 (February/July 2000)
corrects finger detection lock when used in thread
redesigned CD and user interface
adds Integral Technologies FlashPoint VGA driver 3.0
adds MRT VideoPort Pro. driver for Windows 95
supports Rainbow Sentinel Dongle driver 5.38 (no need to reboot)

* 2.3 (No CD version)
corrects identification bug in two fingers mode
renames directories AddDrv/AddScanBouchon in AddDrv/AddScanSimulation
improves AddDrvSimulation display
improves finger detection in live acquisition
adds support of Agfa DuoScan T1200 flatbed scanner
adds error messages in spanish langage
adds enhanced pk compression
adds enhanced classification feature

* 2.2a (February 1999)
corrects identification bug with very few number of minutiae

* 2.2 (December 1998)
improves coding feature, especially for paper acquisition
adds demo application Verify

* 2.1 (June 1998)
redesigned CD and user interface
improves Matrox Meteor acquisition
adds support of MRT VideoPort Pro. video board under Windows NT 4.0
adds demo application ScanDoc
adds pk compression
adds MRT VideoPort Pro. driver for Windows NT 4.0

* 2.0 (March 1998)
improves coding feature
adds sample application Morpho with Visual C++ sources
adds support of HP ScanJet 6100C flatbed scanner
adds MorphoScan and FingerPrint Primer documentation
adds error messages in malay langage
adds Matrox MIL driver 4.02

* 1.0 (January 1998)
supports Integral Technologies FlashPoint PCI video board
supports Matrox Meteor video board in 3.1 and 4.0 driver versions
supports Ricoh FS2 flatbed scanner
supports MRT VideoPort Pro. video board under Windows 95
supports error messages in french and english langages
contains coding, verification, identification and classification features
contains demo application Login
contains MorphoKit API documentation
contains Software configuration application

Some devices need others DLLs, in addition to the Add_Drv and Add_Scan DLLs.
These DLLs are located in the same directory of the associated ADD_Drv or Add_Scan DLL.

MATROX Meteor II video boards
No additional DLL is required, because the Meteor DLLs are delivered by the installation of the Meteor Driver.

RICOH FS2 flatbed scanner
You should copy the 'Mphar1.dll', 'Scandrv.dll' and 'Scanner.ini' files in the same directory of Add_Scan (i.e. the Windows directory in usual case).

HP 6100 flatbed scanner
You should copy the 'HPScl32.dll' file in the same directory of Add_Scan (i.e. the Windows directory in usual case).

AGFA DuoScan T1200 flatbed scanner
For scanner Agfa DuoScan T1200, use dlls version Fotolook 3.50.00.
For scanner Agfa Arcus 1200, use dlls version Fotolook 3.50.01.
After the installation of the AGFA FotoLook application and drivers,
you should replace the 'Twain_32.dll' file located in the Windows directory.
The DLL provided with the MorphoKit has the version, and corrects
a bug in the version which hangs the host application.

EPSON scanner
For scanner Epson Expression 1600, use dlls version Epson Twain Pro 1.7 for Windows NT and
use dlls version Epson Twain Pro 2.1 for Windows 2000 Pro.
For scanner Epson Expression 1680, use dlls version Epson Twain Pro 2.1.
For scanner Epson Expression 1640XL, use dlls version Epson Twain Pro 2.1.
Copy the lut_*.ini file in Windows directory.

Morpho Kit Software Dongle new
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